Rental Payments

Payment Methods for Tenants

Your lease agreement specifies how often payments must be made. Usually these payments are required fortnightly in advance however if required we can also arrange to take monthly payments.

Rental payments can be made by direct debit, which you will need to arrange with your financial institution OR electronic funds transfer (EFT / internet banking).

Our bank details are outlined below. Please note that for all rental and water invoice payments, you must enter your specific reference code (this can be found in your 'New Tenant Information Pack' or contact us on 8172 1977 or in the reference/description line of the transfer.

BSB: 105-011
Account Number: 105 391 440
Reference / Description: Please quote your reference code

It is important that you request your bank to quote your reference code to identify your payment when the money is transferred.

IMPORTANT NOTE: These bank details are given to set up a direct deposit transfer from your bank account and NOT for paying rent over the counter at the bank - as the money will not be identified as yours without a reference code.


Rent Arrears

If your rent is unpaid after the due date, you are in rent arrears and this is a breach of your residential tenancy agreement.

Late rental payments are not tolerated at Walter & Irvine Property Management and we will contact you either by phone, email or SMS as a form of reminder.

If by the 15th day we have not received any communication from you and the rent remains unpaid, we will issue you with a notice to remedy the situation by paying the full amount within 7 days, or arranging with us a catch up payment plan. Upon expiry of the notice, if your rent arrears have not been paid in full as directed on the notice, we will make an application to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal and take further action, which may result in eviction from the property.

In accordance to your residential tenancy agreement, you are required to pay your rent in advance on or before the due date. Failing to do so may lead to unfavourable rental references or a listing on a national internet tenancy default database, both of which can make it very difficult to rent another property in the future. In addition, if your landlord has landlord insurance protection, the insurance company is also likely to pursue you for your outstanding rent.

If you believe you will not make your rental payment on or before the due date, you are required to contact our office either via or 08 8172 1977.