Our Difference

Real Estate - Sold Ethically


Walter & Irvine has proudly and successfully operated since 2000 using a method of real estate practice that focuses on ethics and client care. 

The first principle of ethical conduct is ‘do no harm’. Good agents do not use cliches about ‘the market’, they do not talk about ‘exposure’. They talk about what you want and they show you how to get it with safety and efficiency.  

Walter & Irvine do not recommend any sales techniques that could potentially put clients at risk. From an ethical standpoint many of the tactics and practices that ‘typical’ agents use are not in the client’s best interest, and therefore we avoid many methods of sale that are commonly used in the industry.  

Further explained in the Walter & Irvine Risk Free Selling page. 


The real estate industry in Australia has based its common practises on methods of sale that suit the agent and not necessarily the home seller. 

Many agents have adopted ETHICS as a “buzz word” and use it to gain trust from consumers. Merely claiming to be ethical does not make you ethical. An agent can be an honest person, but can still unknowingly use unethical practices. This is where many property sellers fall victim to believing the claim of ethics and honesty. You can’t be an honest and ethical agent, and then use unethical systems of selling. Ask any agent what they know about ethics? Have they studied or read any books on the topic? 

Risk Free Price Quoting


Clients who choose to sell with us receive a written guarantee that the selling price we quote is honest and accurate. And what does this guarantee mean? It means that if your property sells for less than our quoted price (unless there is a valid reason agreed between the sellers and the agent), then you are entitled to pay us whatever you think is fair for the work we have done. And if you are taking advantage of our NO SALE – NO CHARGE selling option the seller pays nothing even if we've already invested our own funds in advertising and marketing the property. This places all the risk and responsibility on us to perform, which is how it should be.

Our agency system meets the highest ethical standards in Australia and our commitment to ethics and honesty are recognised nationally. 


One of the biggest (and most expensive) mistakes that sellers make, is to choose an agent based on the lowest fee and the highest quoted sale price. On the surface this may seem reasonable, as the Seller would think that they will end up with the most money in their pocket. But often the result is very much different. 

Selling Method


We encourage our clients to choose the most effective and proven methods of sale that will achieve the absolute best sale outcome. 

The WALTER & IRVINE HIGHEST PRICE NEGOTIATION SYSTEM is the BEST way to ensure the absolute maximum price for your property. And it is the only way we can GUARANTEE to achieve the highest price from the buyer.  

For every property we sell we have a measured marketing strategy that targets interested buyers, not simply ‘all people’. This ensures your property reaches its target market in the most effective and efficient way. This unique strategy is careful not to over expose your property needlessly to the masses at your expense. We are only interested in the very best buyers who will pay top dollar for your property. 

During negotiations, each buyer is asked to declare their HIGHEST AND FINAL PRICE along with any conditions, and they sign this declaration on a ‘Highest Price Declaration’ form, or ‘Highest Property Bid’ form. Once each buyer has declared their best position, we then present the offers to you.  


Described by the Real Estate Institute of Australia as “the fastest and best conditioning method” most agents prefer to sell using Auction. In a nutshell, this method is the most risky and ineffective sale method for the home seller. It is a highly stressful experience for both seller and buyer.

Auctions are great for the agent. Agents use auctions as a tool to promote themselves whilst conditioning the seller throughout the length of the marketing campaign to accept less on auction day. The pressure cooker environment of an auction is very stressful for home sellers. It gives the agent a huge amount of control and is great for forcing the sellers to accept a lower price than was initially quoted. If the bidding fails to reach expectations the pressure is often so high that the sellers feel like they are forced to sell at any price. This is because If the property fails to sell at Auction it can give a perfectly lovely home a ‘lemon’ tag and decrease its value. At risk of their home being ‘passed in’ the seller, under extreme pressure feels as though they have no choice but to sell for less than they were hoping and agent gets off easy with a low result and can blame this on ‘the market on the day’.  

An Auction is heralded a success if it sells above the reserve. Always remember, the ‘reserve’ is the vendor’s LOWEST PRICE! Who wants to sell at their lowest price?! Yes, Auctions can appear to get a HIGH price but they very rarely get the HIGHEST PRICE. The highest price can only be reached using a highly skilled negotiator on your behalf.  

Buyer Inspections


We qualify buyers diligently when they enquire on one of our properties, and each buyer’s requirements are noted and maintained on our database.  

We prefer to recommend private inspections, as they are more secure, and allow buyers time and space to get a real feel for the property.  

We endeavour to eliminate people who are time wasters and sticky beaks. This protects the value of your home.  


One of the main reasons an agent tries to get to get as many people as possible through an open inspection, is to find more potential sellers. The agent also appears successful when a large number of people inspect the property. But what sort of people are looking? Many people attending an open inspection, have no interest in actually buying. They could be neighbours having a squiz to see how you have decorated your kitchen, or people who are just browsing and not in a position to buy yet. They might even be petty thieves! Yes, open Inspections can be dangerous. 

Apart from making your property seem popular by having many people through an open inspection, the agent can also use this ‘activity’ to condition the seller to reduce the price afterwards.  

“We had 50 groups through the open on the weekend and no one wanted to buy so we will have to reduce the price because that’s what the market is telling us”.  

Personal Service


We are proud to be local and Independent. 

Local knowledge can make all the difference in real estate sales. Kevin Walter has lived and worked in the Unley/Mitcham area for more than 35 years. You can see many of the properties we have sold here

Kevin also has experience in both rural & beach side properties and has a large contact base of other like-minded agents who he has worked closely with on many occasions.  

Our satisfied sellers are our best advertising. Most of our clients come from word of mouth referrals. Our aim is to delight our clients, and we are extremely proud of our client reviews.  

If you are thinking of selling have a listen to what our clients have had to say about their Walter & Irvine selling experience.

Kevin and the team at Walter & Irvine are available 7 days a week to help you with your real estate needs. 


In franchise groups or large high profile agencies, there is always extreme pressure for a salesperson to meet their sales targets. This interoffice competition can create an environment where a client becomes a number. The agent transfers their pressure to make a sale onto the seller without regard for achieving the highest price. Working under the larger banner of a franchise means that personal side of real estate can easily be lost. 

There are dozens of Real Estate Adverting Awards, but client satisfaction awards are almost unknown.