Looking for a Real Estate Bargain?

20 Apr 2016

There is a website which is a gold mine for anyone looking for bargains or properties that have been listed for long periods of time, which you can visit at www.oldlistings.com.au

At Walter & Irvine we only advertise the suburb of the house for sale and not the address. We do this for a number of reasons:

 When the address of the home is online, third party websites will pick it up. Imagine if your home was listed on a site titled "Old Listings" - how do you think this would affect what a buyer may offer?
It also means that the internet history of the home remains intact. If you purchase a home through Walter & Irvine and decide to sell in the future, the sale price and all the details of the sale will be hidden. This protects the integrity and value of your home.
We also do this so that enquiries come through our office via a central contact point and so that we can qualify the buyers that call into the office.

Please keep this in mind when looking to buy, as you may uncover a house that has been on the market for months and snap up a bargain! And when looking to sell, just remember the old marketing adage - ‘Less is more’. Protect your property from overexposure and expose it only to the right people.

Have you had an experience where you have been able to pick up a bargain? We'd love to hear from you...

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