What is the Jenman System?

12 Jul 2022

Neil Jenman is one of Australia’s leading real estate experts. Neil has spent his entire working life protecting real estate consumers. He opened his own real estate office in 1984. Neil’s office became so successful that other agents began flocking to visit him, all wanting to know WHAT he did and HOW he did it. This led to Neil becoming a real estate systems designer and renowned speaker. Thousands of agents attended Neil’s courses, where they learned systems based on “ethics in real estate”. In 1999, Neil wrote the highest selling real estate advice book in Australian history, Real Estate Mistakes. More than half a million copies have been published and sold.


Neil has appeared on television hundred of times in the role he most cherishes – real estate consumer advocate. He has protected and saved thousands of real estate consumers from making mistakes.



Today, Neil helps agents like us who support his commitment to ethics in real estate. Walter & Irvine has been following Neil’s principles since 2000 and is a JENMAN APPROVED agency. Jenman Approved agents offer sellers three huge benefits: First, the highest price, second, low or no risk and third, delight the clients.

The unique and proven sale methods devised by Jenman remove all the risks associated with selling and focus on the highest possible price with the least amount of stress and the least cost.

If you would like to know more about the best way to sell your home and a free no obligation appraisal please call us at Walter & Irvine today (08) 8272 9277

For more information regarding the Jenman Consumer Support system please visit their website Jenman Consumer Support